Tax Forms

During tax season, the library offers tax forms for patrons.  This year, we will carry the follwing:

State Forms: 

Form 1NPR - Instructions - Nonresident & Part-Year Resident Income Tax Form
Form 1NPR - Nonresident & Part-Year Resident Income Tax Form
Form 1 - Instructions
Form 1 - Tax Form
Schedule H/H-EZ - Homestead Credit w/Instruction Booklet (including Rent Certificate)
Schdule WD - Instructions - Capital Gains and Losses
Schedule WD - Capital Gains and Losses - Form 1
Forms 1A and WI-Z - Instructions
Form 1A - Tax Form
Form WI-Z - Tax Form

Federal Forms: The IRS has greatly reduced the number of forms they are sending out to libraries.  This year they will not be sending out any instruction booklets and only the major forms.  We will carry:

Form 1040
Form 1040A
Form 1040EZ

If you would like to order paper forms directly from the IRS to be mailed to you, you can do so by visiting  You can also call 1-800-829-3676 to order paper forms and booklets.  To download and print your own forms, you can visit Click on "Current Forms & Pubs" to find 2016 forms.  You can print or copy forms here at the library.  We will make one copy of forms free of charge.  You will have to pay $.10 per page for instruction booklets or additional copies of forms.  When federal forms arrive, we will have a copy of the booklet for your reference.