Library Policies

Purpose of the Policy Manual

The objective of the library policies manual is to establish policy with reference to the mission and goals of the library in areas not covered by law which the Altoona Public Library Board of Trustees (hereafter referred to as “the Board”) considers to be of importance. Policy, thus established, is a guideline for Board activity and the administration of the library.

When a need becomes apparent for a written policy on a particular subject, the Director or the Board may refer the task to a particular library staff member or library committee or appoint a committee for the specific purpose of writing said policy. Outside legal or technical advice may be required. Adoption of policies shall be by majority affirmative vote of the Board members present at a regular open meeting of the Board.

All policies will be reviewed periodically as necessary with the goal of reviewing all policies within a three-year period. Re-examination of any policy may be initiated at any time by any Board member or the Library Director. The date of the last review of a policy will be on the most current version of the policy.

The Board members understand and acknowledge that policies are:

  • Designed to assist the Board with governing the library and its operations.
  • Subject to, and do not supersede, laws applicable to library business.
  • Automatically amended, by operation of law, to the extent of any conflict between the policies and applicable laws. 
  • Intended to be updated by the Board periodically to maintain consistency between the policies and applicable laws.

The Altoona Library Board of Trustees abides by all local, state, and federal laws and regulations, as well as the Library Bill of Rights (Appendix A, p.37).