What is a puzzle race?

The idea behind the puzzle race is simple. Arrange people into pairs or small groups; two or three people might make an ideal group size, but four or five would be workable and would challenge teammates to be sure they involve all members as they work cooperatively.

How do we play?

  • Put together a team (2-4 people works best).
  • Visit, call, or email the library to sign-up.
  • Come to the Library at 6:00 pm on Thursday, June 29th.
  • All teams will use the same puzzle. The team that completes the puzzle in the shortest amount of time wins a $50 gift card to a local Altoona eatery!

Register your team by 5:00 pm on June 19th so that we can order the correct number of puzzles.

To sign up, visit the altoona public library, Call 715.839.5029 or email altoonapl@altoonapubliclibrary.org